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At Sedera, You’re a Valued Community Member, Not a Number

Date Published: 2023-05-18
Author: Team Sedera

Sedera puts the Community first

Sedera was founded in 2014, leads with years of industry knowledge and integrity, and provides a best-in-class Medical Cost Sharing experience. Every decision made puts the Community and its Members first. 

Sedera Member Service Advisors are Medical Cost Sharing experts and provide exceptional, personalized Member support. In fact, when a Member reaches out to Sedera, they don’t need to provide a Member ID because Sedera knows them by name.

Conversations with Member Services often involve questions about how to use Sedera’s tools and resources to find value-driven prices and cash pay providers, or how to manage a Needs Case to get help with paying for eligible medical expenses. 

The connection between Sedera and Members is not just informational, it’s also personal. Every Member has a dedicated Needs Coordinator who is available to answer questions and provide help with every step in the Medical Cost Sharing journey. Sometimes they are also a shoulder to lean on when a Member needs support during a difficult time, or they share in the joy of the addition of a new member to the family or celebrate when a Member has recovered with a successful health outcome.

This level of customer service is not commonplace, and yet, at Sedera it’s what we strive for every day, every call, every email, for every Member.

Not yet a Member? You may be wondering…

Sedera Medical Cost Sharing is a non-insurance approach to paying for large, unexpected medical expenses. Medical Cost Sharing is sometimes called health sharing, healthcare sharing, or a “healthshare.” In the simplest of terms, Sedera Community Members agree to make affordable monthly contributions. When a Member has a “Need” which is one or more medical bills caused by an eligible injury, illness, or medical event, the Medical Cost Sharing Community steps in to share funds from those monthly contributions to help pay the costs of that medical Need. Here is some in-depth information about How Medical Cost Sharing Works

When Members enroll, they select an Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) which is the amount they are required to pay per injury, illness, or medical event before the Community steps in to help. There are five IUAs to choose from that fit any budget. Here’s an example of a Non-Emergent and an Emergency medical injury that illustrates how Sedera Members experience significant savings on their medical costs.

Sedera Medical Cost Sharing is not health insurance 

Sedera Medical Cost Sharing is a different way to pay for healthcare expenses because Members are the decision-makers when it comes to their medical choices and how to obtain significant savings on medical costs using the tools and resources included in their membership. Members are actively engaged in navigating their care.

It’s important to note that this also means that Members have a responsibility to understand how Sedera Medical Cost Sharing works, to carefully review the Member Guidelines to know what medical costs are shareable, and to perform the required steps when submitting a Need so that they can receive shared funds from the Community and pay their providers directly.

Members are cash pay patients and pay their providers directly. Cash pay is sometimes called “self-pay” or “direct pay” and generally results in significant medical cost savings with no reduction in the quality of care. 

There is a learning curve as people let go of the muscle memory associated with being told how to pay for their care and who can provide it by the healthcare industry. With Sedera Medical Cost Sharing, people soon realize that they can flex their own medical care power, choose their providers, and get great care at value-driven pricing.

What is the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community?

The Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community is made up of Members who are united by a shared faith in the Community’s ethical beliefs and principles. Members agree to protect the financial health of the Community by making smart lifestyle and healthcare choices and shopping for reasonable, value-driven prices for their care. 

Members join the Sedera Community because they seek a better way to pay for medical expenses that is affordable, offers price transparency, and provides peace of mind that should the unexpected happen, they will have financial support for large, unexpected eligible medical costs. 

They also share faith in the power of the Community to help each other shoulder the burden of medical costs that could otherwise cause significant financial hardship to themselves or their fellow Members.

What do Members say about Sedera Medical Cost Sharing?

“I love the control I have over my healthcare decisions. And I love the Sedera team who are incredibly helpful, answer all my questions, and do so politely and in a timely manner. My Needs Coordinator has been a pure joy to work with through my last Need request.” Kimberly, CO.

“Sedera is very approachable, responsive, and transparent. They answer questions truthfully and set accurate expectations.” Heather, CO.

What tools and resources are available to help Members shop for cash pay medical care?

A woman with a headset on smiling as she offers advice and support to a medical cost sharing community member.

Sedera Members have access to comprehensive tools and resources to help them find high-quality, cash-pay-friendly providers and reasonable, value-driven pricing for medical care. Members are expected to use these tools and to respectfully consider the impact that inflated bills can have on the Community’s ability to meet Needs and keep monthly contributions low. Member Services is available to answer any questions and Sedera provides free bill negotiation services for bills over $1,000 to ensure that inflated medical bills don’t put undue financial pressure on the Community.

Sedera Medical Concierge — Members searching for cash-pay-friendly providers in their area can request help from Member Services. Whether it’s for a specific type of doctor, medication, or procedure, Members receive a response with recommendations within 3-5 days.

Savvos Members can shop the largest cash pay marketplace for surgeries, diagnostics, and bundled procedures. With Savvos, Members can save up to 90% compared to local hospitals.*

RxMarketplace — The RxMarketplace makes finding affordable prescription medications quick and simple. Members can easily search for discount cards, mail-order and international pharmacies, and high-cost pharmaceutical programs.*

Cash Pay Marketplace
— As Sedera finds quality resources for cash pay patients, we add them to the Sedera Cash Pay Marketplace.* 

Direct Primary Care — Many Sedera Members pair their membership with Direct Primary Care (DPC) for a comprehensive healthcare solution. DPC physicians provide primary care medical services directly to their patients in exchange for a membership fee. The Sedera Membership is for larger events that exceed the scope of primary care. Here is a handy DPC Finder Map to find local DPCs.*

*This product is not owned, operated, serviced, or maintained by Sedera. SEDERA MAKES NO WARRANTY REGARDING THE WEBSITES, RESOURCES, MATERIALS, PRODUCTS, TRANSACTIONS, AND SERVICES PROVIDED BY THIRD PARTIES. Sedera makes no representations or warranties that every or all memberships include any add-on/additional product(s).

Important things to know about being a cash pay patient:

Being a cash pay patient is a different way to pay for medical expenses. It takes a bit of effort and learning, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. In addition to the resources listed above, Sedera helps educate Members with Sedera Savvy videos, an informative blog page, and a Member newsletter. 

Cash pay patients have a direct relationship with their provider. Sedera Members are responsible for identifying themselves as cash pay patients and learning the cash pay price when scheduling an appointment or service. Important questions to ask include:

  • What is the cash pay rate for my visit?

  • What is the cash pay discount? 

  • When will you provide an itemized invoice of charges? (It’s important to request itemized bills that break down charges with a description of the medical services or the CPT codes. These are required when submitting bills to be shared by the Sedera Community to ensure smooth processing and so that you are aware of the exact charges.)

Cash pay patients, Members are free from provider network restrictions. Members can choose their providers based on convenience, value, personal preference, and reasonably priced care. If, despite the tools and resources provided to find value-driven care a Member decides to utilize a provider or undergo a procedure for which the medical costs are inflated, Sedera may reduce the sharing for that Need by 50%. 

At Sedera, we always put the Community and its Members first and lead with integrity, experience, and best practices. If you’re searching for and evaluating Medical Cost Sharing Communities, the number of options can be daunting. To learn more, read, “Choosing a Medical Cost Sharing Community? Here’s What You Should Ask.”