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The Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community

A refreshing alternative for managing large healthcare costs. 

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A transparent, affordable approach

The Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community provides a way for businesses and individuals to take control of their medical expenses and enjoy the support of a  like-minded community. 

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What Members Say

Employer and employee Members share their experiences.



“…Sedera’s help in finding the best cost on treatment and prescriptions resulted in one employee paying a tenth of what they were paying monthly with our insurer’s prescription benefit program.”

Enid Lazcano

HR Director

“Now having entered our third year with Sedera, I can confidently say Sedera is an excellent option to help drive down healthcare costs for my business and employees, while providing a high-quality healthcare solution.”

Jeff Peek


“After years of dealing with insurance companies, we finally have someone on our side who is looking out for our best interests.”

David & Sharon Robinson

Sedera Members

“I told the doctor my symptoms, then he prescribed an antibiotic and a steroid to control my coughing. An hour later the prescription was at my local pharmacy.”


Sedera Teladoc User


What We Do

We help businesses take a new approach to healthcare for their employees. Our model is built on a 30-year legacy of the Medical Cost Sharing industry and borrows from the best innovations of the modern sharing economy. What Uber did for transportation and Airbnb did for hospitality, we are doing for healthcare.

We invite our Members to be active and engaged participants in their healthcare. We ask them to commit to pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Together, we are building a new kind of community, one centered on healthy living and sharing the cost of medical care. In doing so, we are able to provide a high-end healthcare experience, delivering tremendous value for Members and their families.

Healthcare sharing participant being taken care of by a physician

Why it’s Better

The Medical Cost Sharing industry is growing quickly, with one million Members nationwide accessing one billion dollars in sharing.

Our Members reduce medical costs through smart choices about diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Through honoring these requirements and through proven provider negotiation, our cost sharing model provides Members with high-end services while lowering monthly expenses and out-of-pocket costs. Members have the freedom to choose their own doctor, visit well-regarded medical providers and typically still see that the total cost of healthcare is 30-50% less. 

Employees saving money on healthcare costs

Who We Are

Sedera Health is a medical cost sharing community inspired by the modern sharing economy. Our non-insurance community is centered on a commitment to healthy living and sharing the cost of medical care. In doing so, we are able to provide high end healthcare for members and their families at a more affordable price than conventional health insurance. While we’re built on Christian principles, our members do not have to be affiliated with a religious group – all are welcome.

What We Do

Healthcare sharing is the sharing of funds between members with medical “Needs.” Members share in each other’s healthcare Needs and encourage each other along the way.

Community members assume responsibility for meeting each others’ needs, putting the “care” back in healthcare and removing the influence of faceless insurance companies.

How it Works

Members pay a fixed amount per month to participate in the sharing network, akin to a premium from an insurance company. When an individual has a medical need, the Sedera community steps in to ensure they are taken care of.

A “Need” is one or more medical expenses caused by a single accident or illness.
Members first meet an Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) up to $500 or $1000. Then, the costs of addressing up to three medical needs (five Needs when a family is participating) are shared among the community.

Why It’s Better

Healthcare sharing is growing quickly, with one million members nationwide accessing one billion dollars in sharing.

Our members reduce healthcare costs through smart choices about diet, exercise and lifestyle. Sedera members commit to

  • No use of illegal narcotics.
  • No driving while intoxicated.
  • Tobacco users are required to pay extra (details here).

By honoring these requirements, our cost sharing model provides members with high-end services while lowering monthly expenses and out-of-pocket costs. Members have the freedom to choose the best doctor for their condition, and typically visit well-regarded medical professionals at 25-50% the cost.


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