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This is Sedera Medical Cost Sharing

Medical Cost Sharing is peer-to-peer sharing of large, unexpected medical costs through a membership-based Community

You Select Your Membership Level

Your Membership level determines your Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA). This is the amount you feel comfortable paying without help from the Community.

Every Member Contributes

When you join Sedera, you begin contributing funds for use by other Members on a monthly basis.

The Community Shares with You

If something unexpected happens, Community Members share funds through our secure platform to pay for any expenses beyond your IUA

You Pay Your Doctor

You pay your healthcare provider with the shared funds, for the duration of your care.


“By switching to Sedera, my family and I are saving over $1000 a month from health insurance cost. Not only do you have peace of mind, but it’s more affordable.”

Chris, Founder - Physio

"Sedera is a first class organization that's changing healthcare. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to the status quo traditional insurance model this is a fantastic solution. They really care about their Members!"

David, Sedera Member

“Sedera’s different. It introduces an alternative option to Team Members that’s more affordable—and more supportive. Sedera also frees up HR and CFOs so they don’t have to deal with a health insurance plan, and they can focus on the things they really need to be focused on instead.”

, HR Solutions
 - Affiliate

"Sedera is the real deal and it's a much better alternative to traditional health insurance. Sedera lowered my monthly costs while still giving me complete freedom to go to any provider I want. Now that I've joined, there's no way I'm returning to traditional healthcare insurance!!"

Nigel, Sedera Member

"I cannot recommend Sedera highly enough. We have told hundreds of our colleagues, friends, and family about them because they are such great people and we truly believe in their medical cost sharing program. When I had a skiing accident and needed to turn to Sedera, they were so supportive and helpful. The experience with Sedera is such a refreshing change!"

Grace, Sedera Member

Choose Your Membership

Individuals & Families

Lower your monthly household costs and build peace of mind for you and your family.


Introduce a fresh and affordable alternative to your team members. Reduce administrative waste, find a better way forward, and put healthcare back into the hands of your team members.

Membership Features

Our industry-leading technology and FDIC-insured bank partner powers cost sharing.

Our expert advisors help navigate the complex world of medical care.

Members get second opinions on surgeries and new diagnoses from some of the world's top doctors.

Our expert advisors work with outside bill negotiation vendors who specialize in seeking fair pricing on medical bills.

Educational resources and shopping tools to help Members become savvy healthcare shoppers.

Members find physicians near them who specialize in navigating a cash-pay system.

Members shop the best price for prescription drugs.

Board certified doctors are available virtually to help with non-emergency needs.

You're in Control

Our Members are smart, confident healthcare consumers who are supported by educational resources and shopping tools.

Best in Class

Our team leads with experience, integrity. Each and every decision we make puts the Community and its Members first.



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DISCLAIMER: Savings and pricing may vary depending on the Membership Level and other Membership options selected. *This product is not operated, serviced, or maintained by Sedera. SEDERA MAKES NO WARRANTY REGARDING THE WEBSITES, RESOURCES, MATERIALS, PRODUCTS, TRANSACTIONS, AND SERVICES PROVIDED BY THIRD PARTIES. Sedera makes no representations or warranties that every or all memberships include any add-on/additional product(s).Note: Sedera, Inc. Is not an insurance company and the Sedera medical cost sharing membership is not issued or offered by an insurance company. While every effort is made to meet member’s medical needs, Sedera, Inc. And the Sedera medical cost sharing community do not guarantee payment of any medical expense.Note: Sedera medical cost sharing community membership is not and should never be considered to be or to be like a group insurance policy or an individual insurance policy. The Sedera medical cost sharing community and/or Sedera, Inc. Are not insurance companies and the Sedera medical cost sharing membership is not issued or offered by an insurance company. You as the member remain liable for your unpaid medical expenses and do not have any legal right to seek reimbursement or indemnification for any such expenses from the Sedera medical cost sharing community and/or Sedera, Inc. Or any other member or household