A Changemaking Community

We Are Sedera

Sedera’s Community of individuals actively engaged in their healthcare decision making, are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, and are united by shared values.

When you join the Sedera Community, you join a non-profit membership united by a set of values and commitments.

Community Principles and Commitments

Before joining the Sedera Community every Member signs our set of Principles and Commitments. These principles unite us in a common faith in the power of Community.

Sedera Stories

Hear real stories from real people experiencing a new normal in healthcare.

After working with Sedera for the past 18 months, I can honestly say that the folks at Sedera are amazing. They are offering an incredible solution to the healthcare crisis we are all experiencing. They put people's needs above all else. Can't recommend them enough.

Steve R., AZ

Sedera Health is the most well thought out and refreshing solution to the rigged system of health insurance. It is nice to know that a community has your back when you need it most, plus being linked up with others that take responsibility for their own health.

Richard W., TX

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