State Availability

Sedera is currently NOT accepting new members in the following states:

  • Washington

  • Vermont

  • Illinois

  • New York

  • Pennsylvania

  • New Mexico

If your state is not listed above, a Medical Cost Sharing Expert would be happy to discuss becoming a member. Please contact Sedera:


Phone: (855) 293-3915

In addition, there may be other states where Sedera cannot and/or does not pay referral fees for the referral of new members. This list currently includes:

  • Pennsylvania

  • Maryland

  • Montana

Please note: This page will be updated to accurately reflect the current status of the states in Sedera is accepting new Members, and Sedera reserves the right to update this list at any time without notice.

View our legal resources.

While Sedera operates in most states, there are a few exceptions. Learn more about our state availability.

DISCLAIMER: The Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community is not an insurance company and the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing membership is not issued or offered by an insurance company. Whether any Member chooses to send monetary assistance to you and/or your household to help with your medical expenses will be totally voluntary and neither you nor the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community has any right to compel payment of medical cost sharing costs from any Member or household. The Sedera membership is not and should never be considered to be or to be like a group insurance policy or an individual insurance policy. The Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community is not an employee welfare benefit plan, an employer sponsored health plan, or multiple employer welfare association (MEWA). Whether you receive any money for medical expenses, or whether or not this membership continues to operate, you as the Member will always remain liable for your unpaid medical expenses and do not have any legal right to seek reimbursement or indemnification for any such expenses from the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community or any other member or household. This is not a legally binding agreement to reimburse or indemnify you for the medical expenses you incur, but is an opportunity for you to assist other members in need, and when you are in need, to present your medical bills to other Members as outlined in these guidelines. There is no guarantee of payment of medical expenses by the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community or other Members. The financial assistance you may receive will come from other Members and/or households, and not from the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community. The sharing of medical expenses is completely dependent on and only possible through the contributions of Members and therefore the corresponding medical expense requests by Members could result in sharing being prorated or unavailable for a given month.