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SELECT by Sedera

Premium Healthcare. Big Savings.

A solution that works for Employers and Employees

Sedera began with a vision to provide direct access to quality health care for small to medium sized businesses that found themselves priced out of the insurance market.

This is where our SELECT product was born.

SELECT is an ideal product for employers who want to provide a high quality non-insurance health care solution to employees who enjoy a healthy lifestyle but want peace of mind when it comes to larger unexpected medical needs. This medical cost sharing product rewards both the employee and the employer with cost savings and fantastic health care resources.

Learn how SELECT might be right for your business.

Download our SELECT Membership guidelines here.

Medical Cost Sharing and Member Services Monthly Share Rate

Select Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA)
  $500 IUA $1,000 IUA $1,500 IUA
Employee Only $238 $187 $166
Employee + Spouse $511 $396 $349
Employee + Child(ren) $460 $359 $318
Employee + Family $726 $564 $498
Employee Only Under 30 $189 $151 $136
Employee + Spouse Under 30 $448 $351 $311
Employee + Children Under 30 $387 $306 $273
Employee + Family Under 30 $646 $508 $451

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The Sedera Medical Cost Sharing membership is not currently available in Alaska, Washington, and Vermont.