Sedera Partners with GigSmart to Launch New Healthcare Options for Independent Workers

Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Memberships are now available through GigSmart’s Get Workers and Get Gigs staffing apps

Austin, TX - October 28, 2021 — Sedera, the leading membership-based Medical Cost Sharing organization, today announced a partnership with GigSmart, the modern staffing company connecting businesses in need of labor with available workers. By partnering with Sedera, GigSmart’s 400,000 users have more freedom of choice to access, pay for, and manage their healthcare.

“GigSmart is changing the way people access work opportunities. Sedera is changing the way people access healthcare. We’re excited to partner together to give people more choices in two very important aspects of their lives,” said Jamie Lagarde, CEO of Sedera. “Health insurance plans are expensive, especially for independent workers. We’re giving GigSmart workers access to medical cost sharing plans that save them more money and give them more certainty when it comes to managing their health.”

Medical Cost Sharing is not insurance. Rather, it is a community of individuals sharing each other’s large and unexpected medical expenses. Sedera Members can use their preferred doctors and facilities as well as access services such as telemedicine and expert second opinions for surgeries and new diagnosis, all without a restrictive network.

One size does not fit all. Sedera believes individuals should have more choices and options when it comes to healthcare. Sedera’s Medical Cost Sharing model utilizes a Member-to-Member sharing platform that is secure, direct, and transparent. Sedera Members are empowered to take an active role in their healthcare decision-making and are encouraged to lead healthy lifestyles.

“With so many individuals interested in choosing how they participate in the American workforce, the need to provide them with innovative, non-traditional healthcare options is growing as well,” said Rich Oakes, President of GigSmart. “Sedera and GigSmart’s missions are aligned. We want to empower people to take control over their lives, whether it be choosing how they want to work or how they want to access healthcare.”

GigSmart’s Get Workers app connects businesses to local workers who are sourced through its Get Gigs app. Through this partnership, Get Workers business users are encouraged to sign up for Sedera Medical Cost Sharing memberships for their teams, while Get Gigs individual users can access individual or family memberships.

With Open Enrollment starting November 1, 2021, uninsured GigSmart users can sign up for a medical cost sharing membership through Sedera. Business owners interested in offering Sedera Medical Cost Sharing memberships to their teams can learn more by visiting, and individuals can learn more about individual and family memberships at

About Sedera
Sedera is a non-profit Medical Cost Sharing organization that offers an innovative, non-insurance approach to managing large and unexpected healthcare costs. Through direct member-to-member sharing, Sedera Members belong to a community of like-minded individuals who are active and engaged participants in their healthcare decision-making, dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, and united by shared values. Learn more at

About GigSmart
GigSmart is a staffing company focused on providing modern solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving economy. GigSmart's apps, Get Workers and Get Gigs, connect businesses and residential users looking for labor with local workers. Available in all 50 states, GigSmart’s staffing apps serve many industries including construction, manufacturing, food service, delivery services, transportation, retail, customer service, and professional services. Learn more at

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