Sedera Partners with Ease to Provide Improved User Experience

The innovative Medical Cost Sharing organization partners with an administrative solutions system for an improved digital enrollment experience for Affiliates.

Austin, TX, February 22, 2021Sedera, the reputable and forward-thinking leader in Medical Cost Sharing, today announced its partnership with Ease, a leading benefits and HR administration software for small businesses.

Through this partnership, Sedera Affiliates and their clients can now utilize Ease’s simple online tool, modernizing the administration process. This solution features an automated paperless enrollment process, easy onboarding and offboarding, member statements, rate quoting, and a secure document library, all while maintaining ACA and IRS compliance. Sedera’s commitment to providing innovative solutions and high-quality service makes it the perfect partner for Ease’s all-in-one platform.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Ease, which will allow our Affiliates a one-stop shop for all of their employers’ needs,” said Bill Thomas, Head of Sales at Sedera. “This is our commitment to our Affiliates that we are dedicated to the workforce space by allowing for a world-class user experience.”

With Ease, Sedera Affiliates will have the option to safely and securely submit enrollment data and changes directly. The Affiliates who are enrolling employer groups can use one platform to enroll the employees into multiple products. Sedera is also able to gather data points, upload them into its enrollment system, so that members will not have to input twice. This means employers experience quick and easy enrollment and Affiliates have around-the-clock access to employer information.

“We are eager to kick off this partnership with Ease, a company that is at the forefront of innovation in the HR and Benefits space,” said Jamie Lagarde, CEO of Sedera. “We look forward to implementing their solutions and providing a better user experience for all of our trusted Affiliates, who are such a pivotal part of the Sedera community.”

“Ease is excited about partnering with Sedera,” said David Reid, CEO of Ease. “Today’s announcement speaks to our continued commitment to brokers and the employers they serve to deliver simple technology that empowers online benefits enrollment, making lives easier and helping businesses thrive.”

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