Sedera Certified as A Great Place to Work

Austin, TX, March 10, 2021 – Today Sedera, one of the fastest-growing private fin-tech medical cost sharing companies in America, announced that the company was certified as a Great Place to Work by Great Place to Work®, the global authority on workplace culture. The certification reinforces Sedera’s commitment to its values, its employees and fostering a positive work environment that supports growth.

Certification required a two-step process involving both an employee survey and a culture brief focused on company demographics, culture, employee satisfaction and values. Sedera’s results pointed to an exceptional workplace that fosters innovation, transparency and engagement.

The recognition is significant given that employee engagement is vital to organizational growth and success. Studies have shown, well-being and engagement are reciprocal (influencing each other) and additive (boosting). In short, when employers invest and prioritize well-being, they are also supporting employee engagement, performance and productivity. There’s also external benefits to employee engagement linked to customer satisfaction, company reputation and overall stakeholder value. 

The Great Place to Work recognition speaks to the company’s commitment to a strong vision, and encourages staff to live by the values espoused by that vision.

“Our business is focused on community, sharing and support, not only for our employees and members but also for our affiliates and partners,” said Jamie Lagarde, CEO, Sedera. “This certification recognizes that commitment and reinforces our focus on fostering a thriving culture that shares and promotes those values.”

The Great Place to Work® mission is to build a better place to work for all. The organization espouses trust in leadership to establish a positive and engaging working environment for employees.  

“We are excited to be recognized as one of the best places to work,” said Emerson Brown, Head of People and Culture, Sedera. “This is an exceptional organization, doing a lot of good, so we’re thrilled to know our employees value the Sedera mission and values and are living them as part of the Sedera team.”  

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