Sedera Announces New Leadership Structure to Drive Next Wave of Company Growth

Sedera Announces New Leadership Structure to Drive Next Wave of Company Growth

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Austin, TX – November 8, 2021 – Sedera Inc, the industry leader in medical cost sharing, is pleased to announce that Dr. Tony Dale, founder of Sedera, will resume the role of chief executive officer (CEO), effective immediately. Also, effective immediately, Jamie Lagarde, former CEO, will assume the role of Chief Growth Officer, shifting his focus to sales and business development. The company is making these leadership changes at a time of strength and is prioritizing the best interests of the organization and the community it serves.

“Sedera has historically outperformed our growth goals because we provide best-in-class products and service to our members and the Community,” said Dale. “The tremendous growth we’ve experienced is very exciting, but continuing to transform the way people pay for healthcare requires new perspective and focus.”

Dr. Dale is a visionary in the healthcare space. He is committed to promoting a healthcare solution that elevates the doctor-patient relationship and improves access to care, while reducing costs. This is important now more than ever given the staggering number of people experiencing steep increases in healthcare spending and medical debt. 

While many companies aspire to change the healthcare status quo, very few have succeeded. Sedera’s continued growth has proven that our healthcare system is broken and people want a better solution. Dr. Dale intends to capitalize on new and innovative approaches to expanding the business and the community it serves.

As Chief Growth Officer, Jamie brings energy and expertise that provides new direction for the company’s sales efforts. His priority will be business development initiatives and large-scale sales opportunities while continuing to serve as an active and trusted member of the Sedera leadership team.

“Tony and I have worked together since the very beginning,” said Lagarde. “He has always been a mentor to me, and I look forward to continuing to learn from and work with him in my new role.”  

“It’s encouraging to see all that Sedera has accomplished, since the company was founded in 2014,” said Dale. “We have a solid foundation on which to continue to build the most innovative Medical Cost Sharing Community and company. I believe the best is yet to come.”

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