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Sedera for Individuals

Take Control of Your Health.

Medical Cost Sharing is an innovative non-insurance solution to managing your larger healthcare costs. Unlike insurance it gives you the opportunity to take the lead in your healthcare choices without surprise bills or network hassles.

Our Members commit to living a healthy lifestyle and managing their healthcare costs in a direct way. This keeps everyone’s costs low and gives us the opportunity to lift each other’s burdens when the going gets tough.

Sedera is always there to support our Members with incredible service and advice when it comes to navigating the complex medical landscape.

Reasons you and your family will love Sedera

Access to Quality Direct Care

No middleman, no surprise bills, incredible value

30-50% in Savings

Leaving more $ for dental, vision, groceries, etc.

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

As a savvy direct healthcare consumer

Incredible Member Services

We’re there when you need us most.

Expert 2nd Opinions

Expert second opinions from
the world’s best doctors

Health Care Advisors

To help navigate the complex
landscape of medical care


Access to a doctor via phone

How to Enroll as an Individual

Sedera is a group product, so we currently only offer individual memberships through one of our partner affiliate organizations or through direct primary care practices. Call us to learn which option best fits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is Sedera?
Sedera is a patient advocacy and benevolence organization. Sedera provides the framework and administrative support for our group Medical Cost Sharing Membership, as well as access to a number of ancillary health services.
Isn’t Sedera really just another health insurance company?

No. Insurance arrangements are a contract whereby one party agrees to be legally responsible for and accept another party’s risk of loss in exchange for a payment—a premium. Medical cost sharing is an arrangement whereby Members agree to share one-another’s medical expenses through an act of voluntary giving. Sedera is not licensed or registered by any insurance board or department since we are not practicing the business of insurance. We do not assess applicants’ health risks, because neither Sedera nor our Members are assuming financial liability for any other Member’s risk. Unlike insurance, the focus of Sedera’s Medical Cost Sharing program is on how our Members help each another with their immediate needs.

How can I know if a Need qualifies for sharing?

The types of Needs that qualify for sharing can be found in the Member Guidelines. Consult Section 10 to familiarize yourself with the general procedures for submitting your need and Sections 6-9 for the specific requirements for sharing certain types of needs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call your Sedera Member Advisor at < a href=”tel://18559733372″ target=”_blank”>1-855-973-3372.

How can I be sure that Sedera really works?

The concept of Medical Cost Sharing has been highly successful within the confines of faith based Christian groups for more than 25 years. Nearly one million members have shared hundreds of millions of dollars in medical expenses over that span of time. Hence, there is strong precedence in the concept. We believe that a community of health conscious individuals who care for their fellow man can successfully participate in the sharing of one-another’s medical burdens. It is important to note that past successes by faith-based sharing groups assisting one another is no guarantee of the future success of similar programs. There is no promise or contract by Sedera or the Members to contribute toward any need you might have in the future. The only promise by Sedera is to facilitate the voluntary shares given through the medical cost sharing process. Sedera distributes these monthly contributions on behalf of those Members with needs.

Can I choose my own doctors and hospitals without being penalized?
Absolutely! Having the personal freedom to choose the medical providers of your choice is the cornerstone of Sedera’s program. Our Sedera Member Advisors can assist in providing quality information to help you make a decision on the best provider(s), but there are no “out-of-network” penalties.

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