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Direct Primary Care

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A Complete Healthcare Solution

Today, the healthcare industry is broken. What used to be transparent and straightforward is now confusing, complicated, and unnecessarily expensive.

It does not have to be this way.

We believe the best care happens when third-party payers are removed from the equation and patients are free to access care without worrying about networks. Direct Primary Care practices are growing rapidly across the nation to provide people with this exact solution for their primary and preventive medical needs.

Together, Direct Primary Care and Sedera represent a complete healthcare solution.

Direct Primary Care: Foundational Quality Healthcare 

Direct Primary Care is a new and innovative way to approach primary care. By paying a monthly membership fee, patients typically get: 

  • Unlimited office visits
  • Easy access to doctor (via phone)
  • At-cost labs, x-rays and medications
  • Same or Next Day Appointments

Sedera: Here for the Big Stuff

When the bigger stuff happens — whether its the need for an MRI, you’ve fallen and broken your arm, or developed a serious illness —our medical cost sharing community is there for you. You commit to a monthly membership contribution and when the going gets tough, the community shares your medical expense burdens. Our Member Services team helps you navigate the complex medical landscape, resource second opinions and keep your costs (and the Community’s costs) down but most importantly support your efforts to get healthy again.

DPC + Sedera = a really great match. 

Direct Primary Care is the foundation for your care and your first stop for everyday health. Sedera is a great way to access that next level of care, providing resources from a larger community just when you need it most.

Together, these create an unparalleled experience, with access to high-quality healthcare from start to finish.

Call us with any questions: 1-800-473-5472

We are super excited to partner with Direct Primary Care practices across the nation to provide start to finish direct healthcare. Let’s talk! 

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