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12 Work-Life Lessons The COVID19 Pandemic Taught Us

Date Published: 2023-03-04
Author: Team Sedera

We’re approaching the one-year anniversary of when everything in our work environment changed due to the pandemic. It has been a challenging 12 months; one that has stretched us and changed us. When things are hard, it’s easy to focus on the immediate crisis. Taking time to reflect and learn as we go can provide strength for our present and our future. Last week, Team Sedera took a moment to reflect on some of the biggest challenges we have faced throughout the year and also some of the lessons we learned that have immediate application for our day-to-day.

Here are 12 Nuggets of Wisdom From the Sedera Team

After a year of working from home for many of us, we may catch ourselves going through the motions. These WFH tips are reminders to stop and reset:

1. SLOW DOWN; mistakes happen when we’re in a hurry. Take a minute to spin in your chair – you may see things differently.

2. Take time to appreciate the small moments; not everything that’s important demands your attention – sometimes you have to look carefully.

3. Start each day, each project, each conversation with a clean slate – it’s important to have a positive jumping off point and not carry unnecessary or unrelated baggage everywhere you go.

Whether working from home or back in person, we reflected on how engaging with our community can make a difference:

4. Don’t show up HANGRY. Excellence and your enjoyment of the moment are at stake.

5. Similarly, extend the benefit of a doubt to others. We are all in need of grace. Remember what you like about each person you interact with and stay rooted in love.

6. Don’t be too quick to respond. We all appreciate how a sense of urgency can keep us engaged and moving forward, but a first read isn’t always an accurate read. Take time to process.

7. Don’t put off opportunities to connect until it’s too late. Tough conversations are often the most rewarding – and they’re usually not as tough as you expect them to be. Building community takes intention, especially in moments like this.

Lastly, we had a few general life lessons shared:

8. Expand your lens to gain perspective – when you focus on others and not just yourself, it changes your point of view.

9. When you least expect it, a kind word or sentiment can jolt you back to what’s important. For example, your toddler constantly begging for your attention only to tell you “Momma, you’re beautiful” when you can focus on him. Or giving someone an unexpected compliment like “I like the way you said that” to encourage them to continue to engage. Sharing these with others makes heavier days lighter and more meaningful.

10. Extend grace to yourself. We are all handling A LOT.

11. Similarly, don’t shy away from the hard stuff. You’ll grow and stretch and maybe you’ll learn who you can turn to if help is needed. Asking for help demonstrates a willingness to learn and build shared experiences.

12. Don’t over-caffeinate.

What lessons have you and your team learned this year, or are maybe still learning? Take a few minutes to jot them down, and share with others in your team or our Medical Cost Sharing Community. Naming growth gives purpose to tough times.

In it with you!

Love, Team