Membership and Pricing

Healthcare Sharing and Member Services Monthly Share Rate

Select Monthly Cost $500 IUA $1000 IUA
Employee Only $213 $166
Employee + Spouse $501 $386
Employee + Children $420 $328
Employee + Family $668 $520
Employee Only Under 30 $168 $133
Employee + Spouse Under 30 $438 $341
Employee + Children Under 30 $353 $279
Employee + Family Under 30 $595 $468

Note: The prices above are for Health Care Sharing and Member Services only as of May 1st, 2017.  It does not include any costs associated with a Minimum Essential Coverage plan that would be needed to create ACA compliance.

Note: If the Member has a relationship with the Direct Primary Care (DPC) Provider, Sedera will provide a discounted monthly share rate. Please contact us for more information.

Note:  Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) is the amount a member pays out-of-pocket on a per Need/Incident basis before it is fully shared with the community.

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