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We are 100% committed to providing a refreshingly different experience when it comes to helping people manage their larger healthcare costs.

But, don’t just take our word for it.


“You’re definitely friendlier on the phone [than insurance]. I want to call you just to talk to you. And you gave me all the information I needed in 5 minutes. To get through to someone in health insurance takes forever. You addressed all my issues and I have 2 hours back in my day. I would put that in your marketing material.”

-Jakub Sarnecki
Columbia, MO, Member since 2019

“This whole process has been a lot to learn but I love how I am always connected to a person and never an automated voice thing. She always knows who I am. I don’t have to re-explain everything and that is amazing.”


“This experience with you and Sedera, concerning my needs requests, has been the polar opposite [in a very good way] of the “normal” insurance process and is such a welcomed relief.”

-Lisa Hudson
Acworth, GA, member since 2017

“My first experience utilizing the Sedera community came when I had an emergency C-section with my second son and then he spent ten days in the NICU. Throughout the sharing of our Need I saw how the community works through a compassionate team at Sedera. I was completely shocked at how easy it was and how much I liked being part of the process. This was so significant, I asked Sedera if I could come work for them.”

-Juliet Dill
Austin, TX, member since 2016


“With traditional insurance, our employees
continually felt like they made less and less money because their insurance kept going up. Every year we would have to water down our coverage because of the 10-15% increase. Not with Sedera.”

-Rick Rodgers
Crowder RV, TN, joined 2015

“Now having entered our third year with Sedera Health, I can confidently say Sedera is an excellent option to drive down healthcare costs for my business and employees while providing a high-
quality healthcare solution.”

-Jeff Peek

Peek, Toland and Castañeda , TX, joined 2015

“I am supremely thankful for how Sedera goes about business and I definitely feel that you put the client first.”

-Kevin Castaneda
Reality Church, CA, joined 2016

“Sedera helps us put our employees first. Being a part of a healthcare sharing community keeps our employees healthy and relieves their financial burden. Before Sedera we were only able to pay 50-60%, and now we are able to pay 100% which provides more disposable income for them. When you compare our previous healthcare experience with joining the Sedera community, the difference is tremendous. There’s no doubt in my mind we made the right choice for our team.”

-Laz Garza,
Aztec Bolting, TX, joined 2017

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“Sedera allows me to deliver an innovative solution to my clients for providing healthcare to their employees.
When you can join a community of like-minded individuals and unite behind a common goal, great things can
happen. And how refreshing is it to not be dealing with the red tape of an insurance carrier.”

-Richard Walton
NCW, Amarillo, TX

“I really haven’t had a customer leave since joining Sedera. I think the biggest tell when you’re looking at any
organization is ‘are people loyal to them?’, ‘do they do what they say they are going to do?’, ‘do they have a
good product?’ and ‘do they do it in a timely manner?’ Sedera does all of these.”

-Jason McKinley
M & D Insurance Services, Austin, TX