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If you are a new member or even if you have been a member of Sedera for a while now, you may be wondering why you have different identification cards. One of those cards you have represents your MEC or Minimum Essential Coverage plan. Basically, this can be used to schedule appointments for preventative care and well visits.

The MEC is an essential part of the Sedera Member package because it ensures you are in compliance with the new health care laws, and it provides a great service for members who want to be proactive in screening for health related issues.

The majority of appointments you will likely be setting up through the MEC are routine annual check-ups. These check-ups include but are not limited to prostate exams, mammograms, pap smears, and colonoscopies.

Members have also found useful when they are setting up appointments to screen for cancer, high blood pressure, and other serious diseases. The MEC can be used for wellness check-ups also. This is a good time to speak to a professional about establishing a healthy diet, or for expectant mothers wanting to set up prenatal visits or appointments to receive counseling on breast feeding.

If you have any other questions about what kind of appointments you can set up under the MEC, please call the provider with the number provided on your card.

We always welcome your call, you can contact us at 1-(855)-973-3372