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Understanding the healthcare world is not easy. And that is even true for me as a doctor. How do I know when I need to go to see my primary care doctor, or if I should be using the Urgent Care Clinic? What do I do if I think I need a second opinion? Am I allowed to use the money in my HSA (health savings account) to buy my new glasses? These prescriptions seem so expensive. Is there any way that I can find them at a cheaper price?

Everywhere we turn it seems that there are just more questions. And that is why the role of the member advisor available within your Sedera health plan is so important. You don’t ever have to feel that you are on your own within the Sedera world. Your advisor is there for you in every circumstance. He or she may not know the answer for you immediately, but it is a part of their job description to find that answer for you as quickly as they can!

Let me give you some ideas of things that my family has called the Karis360 hotline for over the past couple of months. And the amount of money that they have been able to save us has been an incredible help.

• My wife was asked by our family doctor at her annual physical to have an exercise stress test to make sure that her heart was in perfect condition. The form from the doctor to go to our local heart hospital indicated that the discounted price this doctor has arranged for his patients was around $450 for this one test. So we called our member advisor as we did not think this preventative test would be shared through our Sedera plan or the preventative care plan. A few phone calls by our advisor, and they let us know that we could have the test done nearer to our home, at a time convenient to us, and for $145! Thank you advisors.

• My son’s youngest daughter has just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This is no fun for anyone, let alone when that person is just a young child. But how are the parents going to navigate all of the extra costs. Our advisor made various enquiries, but it was clear that there was no short cut, and little that could be done to handle the out of pocket costs associated with this condition. So a bit more research, and it became clear that an available government funded program would be the best way in this situation to control costs.

Your member advisor is there to help you. There is no such thing as a silly question. So make sure that you keep this number 855-973-3372 handy and let our advisors see if they can make your life easier.

Dr. Tony Dale, Founder and CEO of Sedera