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Our Community is made up of incredible Members. Their experiences tell powerful stories about Medical Cost Sharing wins, successfully shared Needs, our dedicated Member Services team, and so much more. Learn about Sedera in our Members’ words.

Medical Cost Sharing Stories

Community Support

“When I first joined Sedera in January 2019, I have to admit I was a bit nervous. I was starting a new journey with something I was not familiar with. I decided to go with Medical Cost Sharing because of the reduced cost over purchasing health insurance. Also, I was fairly healthy, only really needing to go to the doctor for preventative care. In December 2019, all of that changed for me. I became progressively more ill requiring urgent, emergency, specialist, and surgical care. My illness progressed into 2020 when I was hospitalized and in the ICU. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Through it all, Sedera’s staff has been there for me. When I felt bad because I was costing the Community so much money, their Needs Coordinators reached out and said Sedera was there for me. The membership has worked exactly as they said it would. I paid my Initial Unshareable Amount, requested cash pay prices, submitted my Need documentation and my bills have all been paid — in less than four months.”

– Cammy A
Sedera Member, CO

A Shared Need

“My family has had an incredible experience with Sedera and specifically our Needs Coordinator. We enrolled in Sedera through the Colorado Association of REALTORS® in the Fall of 2019. Unfortunately, in mid-December 2019, we had the opportunity to put the membership to the test. My daughter had a rough night of severe stomach pains and I took her to Urgent Care where they discovered she had acute appendicitis. We rushed her to the emergency room where she had surgery. In the process of all of this, I was in communication with Sedera who was extraordinarily helpful and responsive. I was receiving calls back within 15 minutes, answering my questions, and each call ending with the rep encouraging me to relax and take care of and be with my girl. She thankfully made a very quick recovery, and we only paid $1000.” 

– Deven M
Sedera Member, CO

Member Reviews

“I appreciate the help with my Needs case. Cancer is scary enough to deal with, but with Sedera, at least I don’t have to stress over finances, such a relief!”

Tammy D

Sedera Member, TX

I had a lower back injury last year that was shared with the Sedera Community. I ended up needing a surgical procedure, expensive imaging, and specialist visits. Aside from the Initial Unshareable Amount that I selected, every bill I had was shared with the Community and paid within weeks of receiving it. This went back to my initial ER visit, through all the scans they had to do, up through surgery and recovery. There is even an option for physical therapy and chiropractic care up to a year after, even though I won’t be needing it. I can’t say how thankful I am for them! My Needs Coordinator was always in touch when I needed her and kept everything running smoothly. I am now 4 months post-op and owe nothing to the hospitals. Everything was handled very well and I didn’t have to “fight” to have things paid for. Very very great experience.”

Hannah W

Sedera Member, KY

Sedera has exceeded our expectations. Shared Needs have been paid out correctly and timely just as advertised. No hidden loopholes. The Member Services Team has been extremely professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. One phone call and all questions answered. I have been used to traditional health plans my entire life and was initially concerned about how this Medical Cost Sharing would fare. No concerns here any longer. Highly recommend.”

Mark R

Sedera Member, AZ

We don’t write that many reviews…but this is warranted. These days, there are not too many companies that excel in their customer service, and TRULY care about their customers. This is our 2nd year with Sedera. We would give them 10 stars, especially the Needs Coordination team. This is unreal! We’d like to thank Sedera for helping us out with our complicated Needs and working with us to help us out. We appreciate it very much!”

Lisa K

Sedera Member, IL

Sedera rocks and so does our Needs Coordinator! My husband is a contractor and his right arm is his best friend. He hurt it at work and needed Xrays, MRI, injection, and PT. I submitted the bills to Sedera on a Friday and that afternoon I received a response and a great process explanation. It is now Tuesday and already action has been taken in regards to sharing. Thank you for the attentiveness, speed of processing, and thoughtfulness. After years of being with the insurance giants, I am so pleased to be a part of this Community. Thank you so much.”

Margaret N

Sedera Member, VA

“I can’t offer enough praise to Sedera and all their team. I am a healthy individual who has never had any significant health issues, which is partly why I chose to join a Medical Cost Sharing Community, and when I experienced a completely random and serious health concern, Sedera showed up for me in a caring, compassionate, and professional manner that relieved me and my family of the stress commonly associated with the endless stream of hospital bills. I am grateful for the skilled care I received throughout my ordeal, which has lead to a successful surgery and physical therapy experience. Kudos to all the Sedera team!”

Jamie L

Sedera Member, TX

Our Needs Coordinator is amazing and has always been super helpful, detailed, and concerned to take care of our family’s Needs. She has gone out of her way to make sure our complicated bills and Needs are worked out and we understand what is going on.”

Jessica B

Sedera Member, OR

A refreshing way to think about healthcare! After attending the recent ‘new member webinar’, it confirmed I made the right choice by becoming a part of this Medical Cost Sharing Community. The guidance, support staff, and overall management of the program are far better than any mainstream health insurance group I have been a part of in the past.”

Megan J

Sedera Member, TX

Business Reviews

“I am a small business owner in Central Texas and have been using Sedera for my family and employees for a little over a year. Obviously the cost savings over traditional health insurance has been a huge benefit. Being part of a Medical Cost Sharing community has been very empowering allowing us to take control of how we approach healthcare. Highly recommend!” 

Tara C

Business Owner, TX

We transitioned to Sedera this year. We recently submitted our first employee Need and the process couldn’t have gone smoother. The web-based app was user-friendly and intuitive, and the check was processed quickly.” 

Chuck L

Business Owner, TX

“I am so impressed with Sedera! After years of dealing with traditional health insurance companies, where customer service is non-existent and the claims process is an exasperating nightmare, the Needs sharing process with Sedera is such a pleasure! The people at Sedera with whom I have interacted, by phone or email, have all been knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and always happy to help!” 

David S

Business Owner, CT

“Affordable solution for small businesses to provide healthcare to employees! Our employees love it!”

Ronnie E

Business Owner, TX

We’ve always been people that liked going against the tide. In the beginning we were fearful [about Health Care Sharing] but now that we are understanding it more, we’re no longer afraid. We are really happy with the people we have dealt with at Sedera. Every time I call Sedera, I am very happy. The customer service is amazing!”

Mimi D

Business Owner, GA

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