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Our company – SharedHealth.fit – provides affordable comprehensive health plans to small employers, entrepreneurs, young professionals, franchisees, licensees, and others disenfranchised by Obamacare. We are ACA compliant providing Minimum Essential Coverage “MEC”.

We were recently in charge of finding a healthcare solution for a major fitness company, and needed to find a solution for health and fitness coaches and gym owners. We found that with Sedera, our members can bring their own doctors (no network required), have no balance bills or co-pays and only a $500 self pay per medical event.

Sedera was the missing link

Through extensive phone and in-person meetings with Sedera, we found the team to be a very moral, ethical company. We really enjoy dealing with them and so do our clients. They take a small percentage every month, and see any profits given back to members for the following year.

Sedera just does what is right

We see that patients are considered last in the healthcare industry today, and with Sedera our members/patients are most important and taken care of by people you trust. You can work with Telemedicine to find a physician for you. There’s a human on the other end of the phone, and the monthly subscription fees can be up to 50% less than other well-known insurance plans.  We also find that our clients have a reduced level of stress working with Sedera

Sandy Elsass, SharedHealth.Fit