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We recently had the opportunity to sit down (virtually over Google Meet) with Richard Walton of NCW Insurance, a Certified Sedera Affiliate Partner. In the three years Richard has been an Affiliate with Sedera, he has seen Medical Cost Sharing become instrumental in the growth of his company and has helped his clients save money without having to sacrifice high-quality medical care.

Sedera: How were you introduced to the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community? 

Richard: I was selling group health insurance and I guess I started questioning, “Am I sure this is the best way to do it for my clients?” I always do a nose dive into insurance: health insurance, how it works, and where’s the money going? When the Affordable Care Act started, the options were limited for my clients. I had four markets in my area and I knew they were all going to take 10% and call it “trend” even though their stock prices were going through the roof. I had doctor friends who described getting beat down by negotiations with these insurance carriers, and I thought, “Something’s not right.”

That’s when I started seeking out alternatives.

My introduction to Medical Cost Sharing was extremely personal. My own family business was facing costly premiums with employee-only and employee-dependant. The cost was just crazy. It didn’t make any sense. I was introduced to the Medical Cost Sharing model through Medishare, and I vetted them as best as I could, but I wanted some level of assurance that the community was strong enough to take care of my needs and have my back like I would have everyone else’s back.  Then I was introduced to Sedera through an affiliate who really stood behind Sedera and believed in the model.

The difference was that affiliates with Sedera truly wanted to help out each other and their clients. They firmly believed in Sedera Medical Cost Sharing and just wanted to spread the word.

S: How did you get started with Sedera Medical Cost Sharing? 

R: I bought a plane ticket to Austin, Texas, to go check Sedera out. I wanted to see the operations and make sure because if I am going to recommend this to my clients A) I need to do it myself and B) that’s their livelihood. These are small business owners who have worked their whole life to get where they are at and they care for their employees like they are family. I don’t want to put them in a tough spot based on something that I endorse but don’t know anything about. 

So, I did the work to figure everything out. I read through the sharing guidelines front and back, went through all of the training, and then actually joined Sedera myself. That is what really put me in the position to be a successful Sedera Affiliate and offer my clients a phenomenal solution. 

S: You’ve stated a few things already, but what’s the biggest difference between Sedera and traditional options? 

They are  world’s different. There is a level of education that you have to give employees. We’re all behind the 8 ball on how healthcare works and what it actually costs. You have to realize that it’s not anybody’s fault. It’s the system’s fault. I think it’s on purpose that you don’t know how much an MRI costs. They hide that price from you. 

With Sedera, you have to educate around that. So many of my clients have high deductible health plans, and they don’t even want to show their insurance card because they can look it up on GoodRx and find a better price.

S: Do you feel like being an Affiliate with Sedera is a true partnership?

R: 100%. When the Affordable Care Act began, it was a mess. There were no relationships with most carriers: no partnerships and they didn’t answer the phones when you called. When you had an issue, you’re like “we’re just trying to help our clients out. We don’t want them to have to do it,” and they would try to direct you to a broker support hotline. 

Dealing with Sedera is night and day so much better. I can truly partner with Sedera, and between both of us, we are going to do an amazing job for our customers.

A generous thank you to Richard Walton for sharing his experience as a Sedera Certified Affiliate. If you would like to offer Sedera to your clients, learn more here