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Here at Sedera we are passionate about the benefits of being a Sedera member and we want you to be too. This includes everything from feeling confident as a self-pay patient when you visit the doctor to utilizing all of the Services that come with your Sedera membership. There are so many ways to be Sedera Savvy. Each month we’ll be awarding the Sedera Savvy Award to a Sedera Member, Company, or Affiliate who epitomizes what it means to be part of the Sedera Community.

What are examples of being Sedera Savvy? It could be a member discovering a great alternative to surgery through 2nd.MD; a company hosting a lunch and learn for employees regarding the retail vs. actual costs of healthcare; or an affiliate educating their clients on the power of being a self pay patient.

All members, member companies, and affiliates are eligible to win a Sedera Savvy Award, which includes a $50 Amazon Gift Card and a feature in the Sedera Newsletter.

There are several ways you can enter to win the Sedera Savvy Award:
1.     Email your Sedera Savvy story to memberservices@sedera.com with the email subject “Sedera Savvy”
2.     Like the Sedera Facebook Page and post your story with the hashtag #SederaSavvy
3.     If you can tell your story in 280 characters or less, tweet at us @SederaHealth with the hashtag #SederaSavvy

By submitting an entry into the Sedera Savvy award you are fully releasing, without reservation, Sedera Health to use your testimonial and first name, in its entirety or in parts, in any Sedera Health promotional materials.