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Traditional healthcare transactions with third parties involved can be frustrating, complicated, and inefficient. That’s why at Sedera, we empower you to go straight to your health care professional of choice — with no networks or overly complex processes interfering between you and your care. That means you’re a cash pay patient, and we think having that freedom is pretty awesome. But, typically, the question “Can I see your insurance card?” is one of the first things asked in a doctor’s office. Because many professionals in the medical field are predisposed to expect a specific answer to this question, we know it can be stressful and anxiety-inducing to break the mold and say: “I am cash pay.”

Feeling confident and comfortable when you visit the doctor is of the utmost importance to our Community. We pulled together our team’s playbook to master every situation you might encounter.

“This process was so easy. I was nervous to say we were Cash Pay and didn’t have insurance, but it was seamless. I was able to get all my questions answered timely. AND the best part, this need does not start all over with the new policy year like regular insurance does! I was so excited to learn this.”

– Tina

Be an expert. In non-emergency situations, do a few minutes of research on the average market price for the medical service you’re seeking. That way, when quoted a price, you know what to expect going in. When looking for a general idea of what local doctors and hospitals charge for what you need, you will find that prices vary dramatically across facilities. As part of the Sedera Savvy healthcare consumer mentality, we value being tuned in to the best doctors and the best prices possible for your care. Here are a few free resources to use:

  • Clear Health Care Costs – This allows you to input your procedure and zip code and it will punch out the lowest and highest prices it has in its database.
  • New Choice Health – This is essentially the same tool, but there’s an option to select cash-pay as a payment method.
  • Sedera Member Services – Call your Member Services Advisor or open a Medical Concierge case to receive pricing options in your area

**Tip: Check-in with your Direct Primary Care doctor for any suggestions on specialists or surgeries, if needed!

Know what to expect. True confidence is fueled by knowledge and not being caught off guard. To help you know what to expect and truly master the process, here is what should happen when you walk up to the desk at a doctor’s office:

  1. You will disclose to medical providers (doctors, laboratories, clinics, hospitals, etc.) that you are a “cash-pay” patient at the time of your appointment. They know what that means and there is no need to explain yourself further.
  2. As a cash pay patient, your provider might ask you to make a payment towards your services while you are at their office. If so, you can ask:
    • Is this the full financial responsibility for the services or just a portion?
    • Has a cash pay discount been applied to the bill?
    • Do I need to pay today or can you bill me directly for services? Note: Receiving a bill is the most ideal situation for cash pay patients because it allows you to review what you are paying for before you make your payment. If insurance companies are able to review bills before payment, so should cash pay patients!
  3. Be sure to request an itemized statement before you leave the medical facility
  4. Open a Needs case through your Sedera Member portal, attach your itemized bill and that’s it! The rest is on us. Our team of medical bill analysts may contact the provider(s) and determine if negotiations are needed for the billed amounts.

Navigate the insurance stigma. Front desk staff deal with many back-and-forth, frustrating conversations between patients and insurance companies every single day. Sedera Members are a breath of fresh air. Payment in cash, credit, or debit is immediate and they don’t have to worry about anything on the back-end. This is ultimately less work for them. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter people that ask you questions or treat you differently because you don’t have traditional health insurance. Some administrative staff may not be aware that they are able to accept cash pay patients. Should you run into any trouble, ask to speak with the billing department, who are more attuned to the in’s and out’s of the billing system. Finally, remember that In those circumstances, you’re of course not obligated to explain your personal choices to anyone! If you want to share the power of the Sedera Community with others, offer a window into what the experience has been like for you. We understand these situations can be hard, but this goes on to the next point…

Know you have a Community behind you. We’re all in this together. Our Sedera team works hard on the back-end to negotiate prices on your behalf so that your care experience is as efficient and seamless as possible. Taking on a monstrous healthcare industry that is designed to hide information and inflate prices is no easy feat, and we’re here for you every step of the way! Have questions? We are here for you! Give us a call at 1-855-972-3372 or drop us an email –