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Doctor on demandHow one of our members used Teladoc to avoid a late night trip to the urgent care:

A member’s child became ill while at school. The member picked up the child from school and went to their pediatrician. Turns out the child had a stomach bug and was prescribed the proper medication. Later that same night, the member’s second child became ill with the same stomach bug. Instead of going to an urgent care clinic in the middle of the night, the member called Teladoc and spoke with a physician from home. Medications were called in immediately to their local pharmacy. Their family only had to make a short trip to the pharmacy to pick up the medication and thankfully didn’t have to wait in the urgent care waiting room thanks to Teladoc!  Using Teladoc saved them time and money!

Through your Sedera Membership, it is easier than ever to get in touch with a medical professional. Download the Teladoc app on your smartphone or tablet and make an appointment today!