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Emily Schendel, Financial Operations

The Increasing Financial Burden

It’s no secret that healthcare costs in America are rising. Since 2000, average annual premiums have grown by 209%, and the employee portion has grown by 242% (Source: The Kaiser 2016 Employer Health Benefits Survey). But the real issue is that average earnings are not rising at the same rate as these escalating healthcare costs. Over that same time period, employee wages have only grown 63% (Source: Social Security Administration National Average Wage Index). This widening gap is unsustainable. If we don’t change the way we pay for healthcare soon, many would argue that the middle class American worker won’t be able to afford coverage.

Cumulative Growth in Average Annual Insurance Premiums and Wages

The Solution

At every turn individuals are facing mounting healthcare costs and a lack of options. That’s where Sedera Health comes in. We are a medical cost sharing organization, providing a new approach to paying for healthcare. Our model is built on the proven, 30-year legacy of the medical cost sharing industry and the innovation of the modern sharing economy. Our cost sharing model allows us to negotiate the right price for medical costs, a savings we pass on to employers and their employees, providing an average savings of 35% to 55% over traditional insurance. Achieving a win-win scenario for both patients and providers assures a sustainable, long-term solution to rising healthcare costs in America.

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