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Sedera for Employers

You’ve Got an Incredible Team.

Give them incredible healthcare.

Many small to medium sized businesses have an amazing product and a wonderful team to top it off but cannot afford the quality of healthcare they want to give their employees.

Sedera offers an innovative and effective alternative to insurance that solves this common problem.

The Sedera Experience

By joining our medical cost sharing community, your team will receive:

Access to Quality Direct Care

No middleman, no surprise bills

30-50% in Savings

Leaving more for HSAs, dental, vision, etc.

Control of their Own Care 

Our members become savvy healthcare consumers

Incredible Member Services

We’re there when you need us most.

2nd MD

Expert second opinions for surgeries and new diagnoses

Bill Negotiation

Keeps the community’s costs down and monthly rates low

Health Care Advisors

Help navigating the complex landscape of medical care


24/7 Access to a doctor

via phone

Sound too good to be true?

Learn how Sedera can help your business.

Medical Cost Sharing and Member Services Monthly Share Rate

Select Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA)
  $500 IUA $1,000 IUA $1,500 IUA
Employee Only $238 $187 $166
Employee + Spouse $511 $396 $349
Employee + Child(ren) $460 $359 $318
Employee + Family $726 $564 $498
Employee Only Under 30 $189 $151 $136
Employee + Spouse Under 30 $448 $351 $311
Employee + Children Under 30 $387 $306 $273
Employee + Family Under 30 $646 $508 $451

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The Sedera Medical Cost Sharing membership is not currently available in Alaska and Vermont.