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Direct Primary Care

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We’re Good Together

Like PB & J, Gin & Tonic, Willie & Waylon, Bacon & Everything.

You provide high end quality direct care. We create access to direct care for larger needs. Together, we’re pretty awesome. 

Sedera is the perfect wraparound to the care your practice offers, offering your members a complete healthcare solution.

Add Sedera to give your members access to direct quality care from start to finish. 


Many Direct Primary Care practices provide a highly robust level of services which allows us to provide their patients an ACCESS membership to the Sedera community at a reduced rate (which we call Tier 3 pricing). We will be launching other tiers of pricing for DPC’s that are not eligible for this cost structure in the future. However, for now, only ACCESS Tier 3 pricing is available to DPC’s who meet our eligibility requirements.

Sedera ACCESS is a new product we created to pair perfectly with Direct Primary Care practices with the following characteristics: 

✔  Membership based payment model for 80%+ of patients

✔  Do not bill third parties fee-for-service

✔  Provide one or more forms of remote after hours access (text, email, phone, telemedicine)

✔  Unlimited Visits 

✔  Access to laboratory, imaging, and primary medications at fair market* rates
*determined by an unbiased source with geographic area pricing sensitivities.

Support for other types of direct care organizations coming soon!

Call us with any questions: 1-800-473-5472

Find out how this solution is made seamless through our partner Hint.

With Hint you can build a sustainable and easy-to-manage practice that puts the patient experience first.

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