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Does convenient, unrestricted access to a physician really exist?

More and more Americans are becoming frustrated by modern healthcare. Not only have insurance deductibles increase by 49% in just 5 years, but access to quality, affordable care is shrinking. At some point, the timeless value of dedicated primary care went away in the last several decades when health insurance expanded from covering mostly catastrophic events to payment for nearly every health-related element.

Those seeking a solution to direct, affordable and convenient healthcare are turning to Direct Primary Care (DPC). Direct Primary Care resembles what patient care once was: a patient-centric healthcare solution that saves you time and money while improving your health.

How Does Direct Primary Care work?

Direct Primary Care is a way of offering primary and preventive care to patients without the hassles of insurance. Instead of accepting insurance for routine visits and prescriptions, these practices charge individuals or an employer’s health plan a monthly fee. A DPC membership often provides immediate and unlimited access (as many visits in a month as you want, after hours access), longer appointment times, and intensive coordination of care. In addition, patients receive lower, at-cost laboratory tests, and less expensive prescription medication.


Why is Direct Primary Care a Game Changer?

Direct Primary Care doctors have fewer patients, which means they’re able to take the time to get to know you and your medical history. This results in more personalized care that focuses on quick resolution of acute issues, effective management of chronic illnesses, and education and prevention around living a healthier life.

Most of today’s DPC clinics operate on a monthly membership model, allowing patients to make the right decisions for their own health, without worrying about billing codes, insurance policies and high costs. Many DPC practices have the convenience and benefits of modern technology such as virtual appointments, online booking and advanced lab work.

What are the Benefits of DPC?

Membership in DPC covers a wide spectrum of services. Whether routine or urgent, you will receive wellness care, procedures and preventative services that can be scheduled as in-office or virtual visits. Some specialty tests and surgeries are not covered under this plan, so be sure you understand all that will be covered.

Many DPC physicians offer the following concierge-level services:

  • Unlimited office visits and nurse
  • Unlimited time with your physician
  • No copay
  • Access to your physician nights and weekends
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Minimal wait times
  • Low-cost generic medications
  • Virtual appointments

A DPC membership empowers people to take charge of their own healthcare, with the guidance of a physician. DPC provides a medical experience that is personal, unrestricted, honest and comprehensive. This type of healthcare is relationship-based, and because there is no middleman (insurance) the pricing is transparent, straightforward and reasonable.

Your Complete Healthcare Solution

Sedera is an innovative non-insurance approach to managing larger healthcare costs that pairs perfectly with a direct primary care membership. Your Direct Primary Care practice is your first stop and where you spend the most of your time and energy when it comes to maintaining your health. Sedera is an ideal wrap around to that service, allowing you to extend that quality direct care beyond the primary and preventive care when the unexpected big stuff happens. Together, they create an unparalleled healthcare experience from start to finish.

Sedera’s member advisors are here to help you. If you are a member interested in learning more, contact us at (855) 973-3372. Not yet a member of the Sedera Community? Contact our membership team at (800) 473-5472.