5 Tips to Stay Committed to Your Fitness Goals

Martin is a Sedera Sales Representative, a 14-year personal trainer, and Nike Master Trainer. He is passionate about transforming the healthcare industry and supporting people in their individual health.

#1 What Is Your Fitness Motivation?

Motivation is everything when it comes to reaching your goals. To stay committed you first need to understand your “why”.  Once you do, ask yourself if that “why” compelling enough? Your “why”, if it is compelling enough, will help you go the distance, push through setbacks, and keep the momentum going when it gets tough.

#2 Take Inventory of Where You Are Currently in Your Fitness Journey

Know exactly where you are at. Remove the denial. Get brutally honest with yourself.

  • I weigh Xlbs

  • I work out 1x a week

  • I eat unhealthy meals at every sitting

  • I get 4 hours of sleep and drink 5 cups of coffee in a day

Most people focus on the goals first. I say first get crystal clear on exactly where you are right now. Most people live in a completely fantastical view that contradicts the reality of where they are at now.

When you set off to drive to a place you have never been before to socialize with friends, you typically enter the destination on google maps. What many fail to realize is that your current location is just as important. You have to know what point A and Point B is before you can plot your course.

So take time to write down and reflect on the current state of your reality now. Remember this is where you become brutally honest with yourself, and crystal clear on your current state.

I think most people wonder in no man’s lands not getting crystal clear on where they are. Sometimes it takes another person to tell you where you are. An accountability partner can be really helpful here.

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