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2020 has been tougher than anyone could have predicted. As we bring this year to a close, we wanted to pause and reflect on what we are grateful for and celebrate what has brought us closer and made us stronger, together. 

We reached out to our team here in Austin and to the larger Sedera Community to learn what people are thankful for this year. The common threads are unmistakable: family, stability, and good health.

Read and enjoy these moments of gratitude: 

“I am thankful that the Sedera community has been here for my family when we lost our traditional insurance. Although it's been a challenging year, I am thankful for people who are willing to share, give, and believe that together we can get through!”

– Melissa N. Sedera Member 

Melissa N.

"Being healthy physically, emotionally, financially.”

– Emerson B. Sedera Team Member

Emerson B.

“God's protection and strength through challenging times, my mother, my daughter, my pets.”

– Traci B. Sedera Team Member

Traci B.

“More time to enjoy my home. More time to create healthy meals. Learning new technologies to stay connected to those I love.”

– Genie G. Sedera Member

Genie G.

“The health and safety of our family, our sources of income, friends who keep in touch, and our cats.”

– Claire T. Sedera Member

Claire T.

“Enlightened company leadership, time to renew, no carpool!”

– Serenity O. Sedera Team Member

Serenity O.

“Extended time with family, health, and fresh flowers.”

– Emily S. Sedera Team Member

Emily S.

“I am grateful for a few things! Joining the Sedera team, buying my first new car, and having the opportunity to build deeper connections with the people who are closest to me.

– Kayla M. Sedera Team Member

Kayla M.

Thank you to everyone who shared their thankfulness lists. We are grateful for our vibrant and growing Community and for the recognition we have received this year. We are humbled and thankful that we have thrived during these uncertain and challenging seasons. We truly are stronger together and we thank each and every one of you for being a part of our Community. 

Revisit our post from last year for tips on creating a practice of gratitude. And if you’re curious to explore more Sedera Stories, you can do so here

We hope everyone is able to enjoy delicious meals, a little extra rest, and quality connections – virtually or safely in person – with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving!