Diverse group of people with their hands together in the center of a circle to show a sense of community and shared work

Sedera Volunteers at the Hope Medical Clinic

Date Published: 2023-05-09
Author: Team Sedera

Sedera supports our local community

Each year Sedera actively seeks opportunities to support our local community, especially organizations that share our faith in the strength of community, the importance of charity and benevolence, and a commitment to improving the lot of humankind, present and future.

Recently, members of the Sedera team showed up with open hearts and big smiles and volunteered their painting talents to freshen up the interior of the nonprofit Hope Medical Clinic in Austin, TX. Those who could not attend the volunteer day purchased or provided painting supplies for the beautification project and the team worked together to get everything organized onsite.

Hope Medical Clinic: Exemplify. Empower. Encourage.

The front window signage of the Hope Medical Clinic in Austin Texas where Sedera Volunteered.

Hope Medical Clinic is a non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to providing accessible and high-quality healthcare to underserved communities in the area. The clinic, “had humble beginnings in 2010 when a group of providers saw a need for compassionate healthcare access in underserved communities. This small group began seeing patients one by one, often making old-fashioned house calls. As the need continued to grow, the vision and passion grew as well and in 2012, the Get Up Project was created, becoming the organizational structure for what is now known as Hope Medical Clinic.”

The mission of Hope Clinic is to provide compassionate healthcare to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, and the clinic is “100% supported by donations and grants.” The clinic serves patients who are uninsured, underinsured, or simply unable to access healthcare due to financial or other barriers.  

The experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals, the administrative staff, and the compassionate volunteers at the Hope Medical Clinic are the “heart and soul” of the facility. They are “dedicated to serving those in transitional life situations, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or religious affiliation.”

“I want to thank Sedera … and the people that showed up to help this place sparkle! We are so grateful and thankful to Sedera for making our place feel new again.” ~ Amy Herring, Hope Clinic Staff Member.

“Thanks so much to you and your team for coming to paint yesterday. A lot got done in just a few hours! We appreciate your help so much!” ~  Brandi Gruis, Hope Clinic Volunteer

The Sedera Team

Sedera team volunteers grouped outside the entrance to the Hope Medical Center in Austin, TX.

The Sedera team is united by and committed to a set of shared values. These values play an important role in how we work together, care for each other, how we serve the Sedera Community, and why we seek to help our local community as well. We are solution shapers, health champions, status quo challengers, and community builders, and everything we do is rooted in love. 

“It’s nice knowing that these community members will get to go into a clinic with a nice fresh look and the paint looks awesome.” ~ Riley McGuire, Sedera Product Manager

What is Sedera?

Sedera is a nonprofit Medical Cost Sharing Community that offers a non-insurance approach for managing large and unexpected medical expenses through direct Member-to-Member sharing. Sedera Members belong to a Community of individuals who are active and engaged participants in their healthcare decision-making, dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, and united by shared values. 

Sedera Medical Cost Sharing provides affordability, price transparency, freedom of choice, and peace of mind when paying for healthcare. There are no network restrictions which means Members select their providers based on personal preference, value, reasonable cost, and convenience. And, we go where Members go, worldwide.

When it comes to medical cost sharing, (sometimes called a “health share”), Sedera leads with integrity and provides a best-in-class experience including access to Savvos, the nation’s largest cash pay marketplace, and exceptional Member Services. Sedera Members have the peace of mind of knowing that they have affordable options to manage their medical care and they are never alone on their medical journey, we are with them every step of the way. As one Member said,

“It is incredible to take control of your health and pay reasonable amounts for healthcare. We are so pleased we made the move from traditional healthcare to Sedera.” ~ Kimberly, OK.

You can read more about Affordable Healthcare With Medical Cost Sharing and, how by partnering with Savvos, we have further empowered our Members to find the best providers with value-driven prices. This saves Members on the cost of care and facilitates the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community’s ability to meet Needs and keep monthly contributions low and affordable.