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ACCESS by Sedera

Premium Healthcare Without Insurance?

For people employed at a larger company, accessing decent healthcare is not difficult. But for the self-employed and those who don’t have access to healthcare through their employer there are few premium options.

Our ACCESS product entered the market mid-2018 as a solution for the health conscious folks who can’t get great healthcare at an affordable price.

ACCESS provides the opportunity for self-employed or health-focused individuals who belong to a Direct Primary Care practice or a sponsoring entity to get premium health care for themselves and their families without the hassles of insurance.

Learn why ACCESS might be right for you or your association.

Review the Sedera ACCESS membership guidelines here.

Want to Become a Sponsoring Entity?

Associations can offer this product to their members who as a perk to being a part of their entity. Give your members premium health care and freedom to choose.

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The Sedera Medical Cost Sharing membership is not currently available in Alaska, Washington, and Vermont.