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You’ve just joined us or maybe you’ve been a long standing member. Either way, here are 5 things you can do to boost your Sedera Savvy-ness:

1. Call us!
Sedera-savvy members are always in communication with Sedera. It starts with the welcome call you booked when you joined Sedera and continues when you touch base because you’ve got a medical situation in your household. In every situation, you know that Member Services is there to help you. Sedera Savvy members save the Member Services phone number (1-855-973-3372) to their phone.

2. Know what’s included in your membership and make the most of it!
Boosting your Sedera Savvy-ness includes downloading and reading your New Member Welcome Packet. The New Member Welcome Packet, which members receive once their membership becomes effective or is renewed, includes more information on the services that come with your membership and helpful tips for using these services on your journey to becoming Sedera Savvy.

3. Be ready.
With the convenience of 24/7 access to doctors through Teladoc, there is always a doctor in the house. Don’t waste precious time walking through your registration and medical history when you are sick. Sedera Savvy members do it now so that when you need the doctor, you’re ready! Call 1-800-TELADOC* or go to www.teladoc.com to register.

4. Ask questions.
Doctors don’t always know what’s best. To help them understand you and what you are looking for from your healthcare provider, engage them in conversation by asking questions. Some Sedera Savvy questions to ask are: Do I really need this? What does it cost? Is there an alternative we can explore? Is there a less expensive way to accomplish this?

5. Bookmark our Mobile App on your smartphone**.
Sedera Savvy members easily submit their Needs online and add pictures of their receipts before leaving the provider’s office. By bookmarking the app, you have this capability literally at your fingertips (app.sedera.com).

Being a Member of Sedera is about taking ownership of your healthcare which in turn benefits the community as a whole. Do these 5 things and you’ll find you are well on your to boosting your Sedera Savvy-ness.

*If you joined prior to May of 2017 and have not renewed since then, please call 866-440-0971 to register for Teladoc.
**If you joined prior to May of 2017 and have not renewed since then, the mobile app may not work with your product. Please call Member Services if you need assistance.