Member Services Plus | Member Advisor | Telemedicine | Bill Negotiation

Member Services – Plus

Sedera Health Plus membership offers full-service Member Services to help you find answers to your health care questions, become a more empowered patient and more. We look forward to serving you!

Personal Member Advisor

Advisors work Sedera members everyday. From finding the best dentist for their children to getting the best possible price on medications, their job is to ensure each member has a wonderful experience and gets the best results possible from Sedera Health.

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A doctor on your schedule

Members are provided unlimited use of a 24/7/365 board-certified and state licensed physician whom you can reach via phone or email. These doctors are able to assess your situation and, when appropriate prescribe medications.

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Medical Bill Negotiation

Reducing out-of-pocket balances on medical bills

Our skilled staff, trained in negotiation, will negotiate the out-of-pocket balances you owe on your medical bills. Significant reductions are not uncommon.

Surgery Cost Saver

Helping you save money on surgery

When your doctor tells you that you need surgery, the virtually unknown fact is that surgical costs and quality can vary greatly from facility to facility. Let our expert Advisor do the legwork to obtain real-time cost, quality and availability, for up to five different facilities. This information helps you become an informed health care consumer.