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The Idea Behind Sedera Health

June 8, 2015

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If the first thing to understand about Sedera is that it’s not health insurance, then the obvious first question is, “What sense could it possibly make for businesses and their employees to participate in Sedera?” The answer is both informative and compelling…

First, understanding Sedera’s health care sharing program only requires a person to reflect on how they treat their own family members when they are in need. Americans are known worldwide as compassionate and generous people. We take care of our families and friends. When a mother, dad, brother or sister reaches out in need, with glad and compassionate hearts, we help. Likewise, when a good neighbor needs a helping hand, we help. It’s what we do, and what makes us, as a people, unique and admired throughout the world. This fundamental concept forms the basis for health care sharing; people helping people directly..

The second principle is that of personal responsibility. In a nation of laws and consequences, personal responsibility is an obligation of the entire citizenry. Accordingly, we believe those who are health conscious and live controlled and balanced lives should be rewarded for doing so. In virtually every aspect of health conscious peoples’ lives the gains are plentiful—the exception being health insurance. Conversely, people who do not live carefully gain mightily from the current healthcare system, taking on known health risks through their own choices and personal behaviors, leaving the “careful” folks to essentially pick up the tab. We believe this is a fundamental flaw in the U.S. health insurance system.

Lastly, the quest for freedom trumps all amongst American virtues. At our very foundation, freedom reins supreme. Rugged individualists founded this nation in pursuit of freedom. Freedom resounds throughout our founding documents. The Affordable Care Act is now the law of the land, and all Americans are bound by it. Within the framework, Sedera Health is designed to enable and support our member’s freedom of choice; be it choosing their own doctors and health care facilities, or choosing their personal strategy in dealing with their medical issues. With Sedera, the choice is theirs.

Many business owners have voiced their discontent with the current system, and, until now have had little recourse with regard to their options. The Sedera Health solution poses a viable alternative to the Insurance dominated status quo.

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