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How Much is this ER Visit Costing Me?

October 3, 2014

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Dr. Eric Michael David recently wrote a fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal about a visit with his son to the local emergency room. Under the title, Health Care and the $20,000 Bruise, he exposed the ridiculous nature of the medical bill that they received and how they fought it.

But, Dr. David is a physician who also happens to be a lawyer! What should the rest of us do when we’re faced with a mountain of medical bills?

Eighteen years ago I faced a somewhat similar situation. I injured my knee playing basketball with my children. A few weeks later it was clear that I was going to need minor surgery. The surgeon did a great job, and here I am, 18 years later still playing competitive squash (a game like racquetball).

But that operation changed the course of my life!

You see, the doctor told me that the operation would cost about $2,000, and I was so ignorant of the American medical system, that I didn’t know he was only talking about his charges. So, $14,000 later (in today’s prices that would be more like $35,000), I was reeling, and wondering what on earth went on over here that something so simple could cost so much.

Out of that experience I created a company to help people and institutions negotiate medical bills, and here 18 years later, we are looking at the impact of taking all of the lessons learned over those years and applying them to the Sedera Health model.

Dr. David ended his WSJ article with 10 tips for fighting medical bills. Number 10 was “Buy a helmet!” (the $20,000 bruise on his son’s head came from a fall).

Within Sedera Health, we have personal Member Advisors to help you navigate the complexities of the medical system. Use them! They are fabulous at what they do, and you will be amazed at how much money and hassle they can save you, and in saving you, it helps all of us to keep our costs to a minimum.

How about writing to us about your experience of the health care world?


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