Sedera Health Guidelines Update for April 2016....

Guidelines Update for April 2016

April 15, 2016

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We’ve made some changes to our Health Care Sharing Member Guidelines as of April 1, 2016:


  • FAQ #32: We have enabled COBRA continuation of the Health Care Sharing program when a member terminates employment AND elects to maintain their former-employer’s MEC plan.
  • FAQ #9: We have updated the process for handling medical needs, re-emphasizing the importance of Members presenting themselves as “self-pay” patients to medical providers when discussing payment.
  • Section 8.B.2. Members must receive written authorization from Sedera before Alternative Medical Practices will be considered shareable with the Sedera community.
  • Section 8.B.19. A long term care limitation of 90 days per need has been implemented for members requiring Long-Term Care or Skilled Nursing.